Your boy will amount to nothing, The Israeli center for digital art, holon.


Residency and Exhibition at Andratx Contemporary Art Center, Mallorca, Spain CCA Andratx


The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Exhibition and Video production, Holon, Israel.

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27. March – 6 May, On Paper, Stalke gallery, Kr. Sonnerup,

April Drawing Biennale, The National Art Gallery, Pristina,


18 – 21 Nov. Blurrr 7 – The Seventh International Performance Art Biennial at The Center for Contemporary Art in Tel-Aviv,

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30. Jan. 4-6 pm. Presentation, KUA University of Copenhagen. Cafeen (Roland Bar) i bygning 21 / Institut for kunst- og kulturvidenskab.

23. Jan. Art class with 3rd grade, Bordings Friskole, Copenhagen.

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22. Jan. 6 PM. Performance at Overgaden – Institute for Contemporary Art,

16. Jan – 13 Feb. Exhibition – 15 BarTHE KABOOM! PROCESS, Stalke Up North, Copenhagen.

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Selected Works

The Dough Warrior in the middle Eastern war zone

Suburban Trauma

Portrait painting

Flower painting

THE KABOOM! PROCESS Painting Laboratory explosion 51 – 67

Jessy cohen project – The Israli Center For Digitla Art, Holon, Israel

The artists explore the tradition of modern sculpture by building various compositions out of mobile, wooden walls.The result is a clumsy choreography of grey walls, conducting a dialog with the color of the housing projects, and with the menacing concrete wall that slices the neighborhood in half for the benefit of the southern part of the Ayalon highway. A series of compositions taking place in neighborhood sites sets off a game in which almost every wall-arrangement generates a cliché of “public sculpture,” along with an ironic gaze directed at the neighborhood’s local variant of modernism.

THE KABOOM! PROCESS – compostion 1-7

THE KABOOM! PROCESS – Composition  No 8

Soren Dahlgaard – Dough Portrait

THE KABOOM! PROCESS – exhibition at the The commercial center gallery

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